content creation

At Petel Digital, we create content that converts your audience. We offer a wide range of services from visually appealing graphics to texts that will engage and retain your audience while ensuring that it aligns with your business/brand goal.

Why is content creation important?

Content creation is the foundation of modern digital marketing. It is important to create contents that engages and entertain your audience. Shoving your ads down their throat without giving them valuable content is just outright boring, Your content should be able to entertain, inform, inspire, build trusts  and credibility.   At Petel digital, we conduct valuable research, generate strategic ideas and then craft those ideas into high-value content and promote it to the target audience. Digital content we offer includes web pages, blog posts, infographics, educational videos, social media posts etc.. Creating the right contents is important to engage your audience and create engagements. Being able to create the right content at the right time and deliver it with precision is key to your success and that’s where we come in. 

services we offer

Blog posts

Our content creation team is skilled at writing compelling blog posts that are rich in contents and interests your targeted audience. 

white paper writing

White paper is a deeply researched report on a particular subject aimed at presenting a solution to a problem within a an industry.

social media posts

 Our team focuses on creating quality content across various social media platforms to help build an engaged community, focusing on creating content that engages, inspires, educates and promote brand awareness. 


Infographics are visual representations of information in a graphic format designed to make the data presented understandable at a glance. Our team of graphic designers are here to create interactive infographics that allows the reader interact with the data.  

white board animation

We help you tell your story through Illustration.  White board animation is a style of video where the author tells a story by illustrating it on a whiteboard. 



press realease

We write compelling news worthy story aimed at piquing the interest of the targeted audience. 

graphic design

Our team of graphic designers creates graphics that appeals to the eye. 

copy writing

Our copywriting team are skilled at creative story writing and the use of digital tool to optimize contents. we create content such as landing pages, banner ads, campaign materials, lead funnel copy, blog posts, Lead generation emails, internal assets, etc. 

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